Educational and methodical work of the Department of Theoretical foundations of physical culture and sports

At the moment, the department carries out the educational process in 18 disciplines of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral PhD. In addition, the department provides training for specialists in two educational trajectories: “Sports Psychology” and “Sports Management.”  Now professorial and teaching staff includes 4 doctors of sciences, 4 professors, 2 Dr. PhD, 8 PhDs, 15 masters.  The scientific life of the department is devoted to the problems facing the academy and all Kazakhstani sports. In this regard, in order to increase the effectiveness of research work, a scientific school of academician I.F. Andrushchyshina, which consists of leading academics and departments. The school conducts research on the widest range of scientific problems related to the theory and methodology of sports training and psychological support in sports.   Under the guidance of teachers of the department (Andrushchishin I.F., Khaustova S.I., Khalitova I.R.) 35 candidate and 6 doctoral dissertations were defended. Under the leadership of Professor S.I. Khaustova defended his thesis Olympic champion in boxing Yermakhan Ibraimov, and four-time World Champion, two-time Olympic champion in weightlifting Ilya Ilyin defended his doctoral (PhD) thesis. Under the leadership of I. F. Andrushchishin, he defended his PhD dissertation in 2008 Askhat zhitkeev, the silver medalist of the Olympic games in Beijing.    For a long time at the department the scientific student club, headed by the senior teacher A.G. Natalov. In 2018, it was transformed into a scientific student club “Zhas Qanat”, to further improve the quality of scientific work not only students, but also undergraduates in the development of physical culture and sports. The club was headed by the master’s degree, psychology teacher Nurmukhambetova M.B.  Still the most important part of working with students is holding the Republican subject Olympiad in the discipline “Theory and methods of physical culture.” Eight consecutive years the team of the Academy took first place in it. The team is trained by leading teachers in TaMPCaS: Professor S.I. Khaustov, PhD A. B. Doshybekov and other teachers. Currently, due to the change in the rules of the Olympiad, when the university, which occupies the first place, participates out of competition, the winners, along with the academy, were twice the team of the Karaganda University.      The professors of the department carry out a great social and scientific activity: Andrushchishin I.F. is a full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Khaustov S.I. is a full member of the International Academy of Informatization. The professional and teaching staff of the department takes part in the publication of the KazAST magazine “Theory and Methods of Physical Culture”, which is included in the list of recommended KKSON MES RK: Khaustov SI – deputy chief editor of the journal; Andrushchishin I.F. and Kulbaev A.T. – members of the editorial board of the journal. I. F.  Andrushchishin is also a member of the editorial board of three foreign scientific journals.   Since 2018, the department has headed the editorial board of the scientific-theoretical journal for young scientists “Research of young scientists: physical culture, sport, tourism”, the chief redactor is Doshybekov AB, deputy chief redactor – Andrushchishin I.F.    The president of the Association of Sports Psychologists of the Republic of Kazakhstan is Andrushchishin I. F., the members of the Association are the teachers of the department: Berekbusunova GM, Nurmukhambetova MB, Tokareva S.V.

In 2017, in connection with the transfer of I.F. Andrushchyshina as a vice-rector for scientific work, the management of the department passed to the candidate of psychological sciences Berekbusunova Gulzhan Maulsharifkyzy. In the same year, she held the first in the history of the department Republican methodological seminar on sports psychology, under the auspices of the Association of Sports Psychologists, whose president is PhD., Professor I.F.           

Since September 2018, Dr. Doshybekov AB, Head of the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Physical Culture and Sports, has been appointed.

Separately, it should be noted sporting achievements of teaching staff of the department. For example, Professor of the Department Zhunusbekov Zh.I. – Honored trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, master of sports in taekwondo, winner of a black belt 5th dan; professor of the Department Teleugaliev Y. G. – Master of Sports in Artistic Gymnastics; teacher of the department Baltina A.S – Champion of Asia in sambo (2015), in ” Kazak Kuresi ” (2014), А.S. Baltina is a master of sports in four kinds of sports: sambo, “Kazak Kuresi”, judo, jiu-jitsu.