The government program With diploma to the village

For students who have graduated from the UNIVERSITY on specialties:

  • education;
  • health;
  • social security;
  • culture and sport;
  • veterinary medicine, the state offers work in rural areas with appropriate social support.

Social support for young professionals includes:

  • provision of payment of a one-time lifting allowance in the amount of 70 MCI;
  • issue of the budget loan for the purchase and construction of housing for a period of 15 years, with an interest rate of 0.01% in the amount of 1500 MCI;
  • increase of the official salary not less than by 25% from tariff rates (in city settlements) to specialists of the organizations of the social sphere located in rural settlements.

To participate in the program, you must:

  • independently find a job in your chosen locality (rural school, hospital, House of culture, sports complexes, etc.);
  • when applying for a job, the candidate shall submit an application for participation in the program to the district Commission;
  • in the absence of the possibility of independent job search, you can contact the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan or responsible employees in the regions;
  • data on the needs of personnel in the regions are posted on the websites of the regional akimats.

Relevant documents:

When you receive a resettlement allowance: statement;

  • copy of identity card;
  • a copy of the document on education (diploma);
  • a copy of the employment record, certified by the personnel service at the new place of work;
  • address certificate from the place of residence, confirming residence in the relevant locality;
  • information about the previous place of residence from the migration service. listed above, to demand from the candidate have no right.

To obtain a budget loan for the purchase of housing are additionally presented:

  • act of evaluation of the acquired real estate;
  • copy of marriage certificate (if any);
  • certificate of absence (presence) of real estate at the expert, his(her) spouse(a) and children in this rural settlement.

To obtain a budget loan for the construction of housing are additionally presented:

  • act on the right to use the land provided for the construction of housing in the name of a specialist;
  • act of evaluation of collateral; the contract of insurance of collateral property;
  • written consent to co-Finance the part of housing construction exceeding the size of the loan;
  • copy of marriage certificate (if any);

The originals of the documents shall also be submitted together with the copies of the documents for authentication. Other documents, other than those listed above, are not eligible to demand from the candidate