General information

 The media center coordinates the activities of creative teams operating on the basis of the university, and the preparation of activities directed at internal and external implementation of Academy policy in the field of public relations and media. In addition, together with other structural subdivisions participates in the development of strategic informational and promotional materials about the activities of the educational institution and holding of individual activities. Media center in its activity is guided by the development strategy of Academy for the forthcoming years, the legislation and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the charters of the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism. The purpose of the Media Center is the formation of positive image and common information space of the Academy.

The main tasks of the media center

– Increase and implementation of new ideas and initiatives in order to improve the image of academy;
– Coordination of  faculties and academy structures interaction with media;                                  – Establishing business contacts with journalists and editions;
– Formation of positive image of the Kazakh academy of sport and tourism in society through mass media;
– Coordination and systematic control of information activities of academy on social networks;

– The organization of events in media connected with educational, scientific and cultural activity of Academy;

– Continuous updating of information content of the official Internet resource of academy;
– System implementation of actions for the organization of the concert dramatized actions at the level of Academy;
– Strengthening of cultural ties between institutions of higher education in the field of culture and art;
– Development of a program of creative interaction with educational institutions of the near and

– Development of the creative interaction program with educational institutions of near and far abroad;
– Planning and coordination of publishing department activity.

– Organization of press conferences, briefings, interview and meetings with representatives of domestic and foreign mass media;
– Speech writing;
-Development and implementation of PR campaigns directed to formation of positive  image of Academy;

– To answer the official questions of representatives of mass media about organization meaningfully and accurately.

– The organization of an interview and author’s articles of heads of academy in media;
– To provide actions with professional and high-quality photographing, video filming.