Курс направлен на (введение из рабочей программы)


Working curriculum includes the study of the discipline "Culture and religion" by second-year students.
Training sessions are conducted in the form of lectures and IWST. The lectures cover the basics of culture and religion, taking into account the peculiarities of Kazakhstan. The understands in depth some topics. In the classes on IWST some topics are studied in depth.
Independent work of students includes studying recommended literature, writing essays, abstracts and other forms of work.

The purpose of the discipline of teaching is the formation of basic ideas about culture and religion as a way of human being in the world.

The objectives of teaching subjects:

- the formation of a theoretical and methodological knowledge base on the theory of culture and religion;

- creation of a scientifically grounded concept of the essence and functions of culture and religion, phenomena and processes associated with the development and interaction of those aspects of human activity that are in one way or another connected with culture and religion;

- creation of ideological and spiritual basis for consolidation of multi-ethnic and poly-confessional Kazakhstan society;

- the disclosure of scientific principles that determine the unique and significant place of modern Kazakhstan in the context of cultural and religious teachings, in the dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West.