In the development program of the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism for 2011-2020, the main goal is to implement new conceptual approaches in the educational, scientific, educational and social processes. Providing high quality training of specialists in the field of physical culture, sports and tourism, will allow KazAST to become an elite institution not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also in the international educational space.

         At the first stage of the Kazast Development Program, further development of the material and technical and sports facilities is carried out, the introduction of new educational programs, the opening of new specializations and specialties, the improvement of priority directions of training, the introduction of a wide range of innovative educational technologies, advanced standards at all levels of education, Cadres in foreign universities.

         In accordance with the approved Program of Innovative Development, the Academy is already implementing the following plan of activities:

– establishment of two-way communication with employers – federations by sport, heads of tourism organizations, restaurant and hotel business, to study labor markets, staff requirements, conduct professional practices, provide employment for graduates

         – the opening of new specializations, especially on national sports;

         – development of new educational programs, demanded by the practice, in the specialties “Physical culture and sport”, “Tourism”, “Restaurant business and hotel business”;

         – signing and implementation of the main provisions of the Bologna Declaration;

         – Introduction in the pedagogical process of automated control systems;

         – the publication of textbooks, teaching aids (including electronic media) in all disciplines in Kazakh and Russian;

         – the passage of an independent national institutional specialized accreditation, in accordance with international standards;

         – scientific publications in journals with a high impact factor;

         – creation of an inter-departmental research laboratory for medical, biological and psychological-pedagogical directions;

– further construction and reconstruction of sports facilities: weightlifting, boxing, fencing, fitness hall, tennis courts, volleyball courts, football fields, a sports complex, a ski track at the ski resort “Kaimar”.

At the second stage, the priority will be given to further modernization of the Academy’s material infrastructure. Measures will be taken to widely implement the results obtained at the first stage. The main attention will be paid to the training of professional graduates, with a high degree of adaptation to a competitive environment, the formation of a socially active, self-seeking personality, with a clear focus on the interests of their country.

         The main tasks of the second stage are to strengthen international cooperation. To this end, it is planned:

         – Expanding partnerships with leading foreign universities as part of the PhD training program, internships, professional practices, two-diploma education;

         – the passage of international specialized accreditation;

         – participation in holding the XXVIII World Winter Universiade 2017 in Almaty at a high world level.

         An important task remains the need to match the graduates with the needs of the labor market. This implies:

         – ensuring the participation of employers at all stages of the learning process;

         – activation of the labor market monitoring system for physical culture, sports and tourism;

         – monitoring the dynamics of career growth of graduates of the university.

However, this is impossible without improving the quality of education, developing new educational programs, improving the personnel policy, with the aim:

         – ensuring high quality of teaching, improving the level of professional training of teaching staff, as a basis for the quality of the entire range of educational services;

         – conducting classes, master classes, seminars, lecturing of leading scientists, specialists of foreign universities;

         – training of personnel on new, demanded specialties;

         – expanding the list of programs for additional vocational education;

         – introduction of a system for assessing professional activity and the quality of work of each employee of the Academy;

         – implementation of a differentiated approach to stimulate labor PPP and staff.

         Much will also depend on the improvement of educational, social and sports-mass work in the university, which presupposes:

         – development of leadership potential through participation of students in public, scientific, cultural-mass, sports health-improvement work, in various clubs on interests;

         – regular inter-university, inter-university and international competitions;

         – completion of construction of out-of-town sports and recreational facilities in the Talgar and Kapchagai districts for training and full-time recreation for students, teaching staff and staff of the Academy.

         The main task of KazAST is the preparation of bachelors, undergraduates and doctoral PhD students who are able to actively develop physical culture, sports and tourism, making them the national brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan.