List of the entrants

  1. Applying for testing
  • Application for participation in complex testing (CT) is given from June 1 to June 20.
  • Reception of applications for creative professions is conducted by the admission commissions of universities from June 20 to July 7.
  • Creative examinations are given from July 8 to July 13 at the university, where further education is planned. The number of creative exams is 2.
  • Applications are accepted by admission commissions of higher educational institutions.
  • Documents required for application:
  • graduates of the calendar year of organizations of technical and vocational, post-secondary education, instead of an education certificate, provide a certificate of completion of training in the current year, issued by the educational organization in which he was trained, indicating the code and name of the specialty of training;
  • graduates of past years of general secondary education (secondary general) or technical and vocational (primary or secondary professional) or post-secondary education are provided with a document on general secondary education (secondary general) or technical and vocational (primary or secondary vocational) or post-secondary education (script);
  • check for payment for testing;
  • 2 photos ( 3 x 4);
  • medical certificate on the form 086-U;
  • a copy of the identity document.
  • After the application is entered into the database, the following shall be issued:
  • certificate of registration of the graduate;
  • admission for testing.

When receiving the registration certificate, please check the spelling of the surname, name and patronymic. This information is displayed on the certificate and the certificate of the educational grant and must correspond to the document proving the identity.

  1. Special examination for pedagogical specialties
  • Those planning to enter the pedagogical specialties take one special exam on the basis of a higher educational institution.
  • Terms of the special examination:
  • Admission of applications and examinations from June 20 to August 18.
  • Are assessed according to the criteria of “admission” or “non-admission”.
  1. The order of CT
  • CT items consist of 5 subjects (3 compulsory subjects and 2 core subjects of choice).
  • Required:
  • History of Kazakhstan
  • Mathematical literacy
  • Literacy reading
  • 2 Optional:
  • Profile item 1
  • Profile item 2
  • Profiles (Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, English / German / French, Human, Society, Law, Kazakh Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature) are selected according to the List of Specialties of Higher Education Items of UNT and CT.
  • CT can be submitted in Kazakh or Russian languages
  • Number of test tasks – 120.
  • The maximum number of points is 140.
  • For graduates of technical and vocational, post-secondary education enrolled in similar specialties for shortened educational programs with accelerated training period, integrated testing will be conducted in two subjects:
  • General discipline.
  • Profiling discipline.
  • For applicants for shortened educational programs with an accelerated training period, the number of test assignments is 60 points.
  • The maximum number of points for CT, for applicants for similar specialties for reduced educational programs with an accelerated period of study is 70 points.
  • The maximum number of CT scores, for those entering the similar specialties for shortened educational programs with an accelerated period of study and requiring creative preparation is – 70 points

Information disclosing the content of tests and codes of correct answers to them, used in conducting CT, are state secrets.

  1. The terms and duration of the test
  • Testing is conducted from July 17 to July 23 in the basic universities.
  • CT starts at 9.00 a.m
  • CT scan takes 3 hours and 50 minutes.
  • It is forbidden to leave the classroom at the first and last hours. In the rest of the time, the audience is escorted by a person on duty along the corridor.
  • Applicants can leave the audience for good reason, accompanied by a representative of the Ministry after the first hour of testing I (testing time 3 hours 50 minutes), within 1 hour 30 minutes. After this time, it is forbidden to leave the audience until the end of testing.
  • On CT, for applicants on similar specialties for reduced educational programs with an accelerated period of study, 1 hour and 40 minutes is allowed.
  1. Appeal

Appeal on the results of testing is submitted personally to the test person before 13:00 of the day following the day of announcement of test results, and is considered by the Appeals Commission within one day.

  • The applicant must have documents that prove his identity, pass to the CT.
  • When submitting an application for an appeal, it is necessary to indicate the motivation (reason and justification) for disagreement with the test results.
  1. Certificate
  • A CT scanner is issued to those who pass the CT scan.
  • The certificate is valid until December 31 of the current year.
  • It is prohibited to laminate a certificate.
  1. Release in university
  • Points for admission to the university:
  • at least 50 (for the specialty “General Medicine” no less than 65);
  • at least 65 points in national higher education institutions (at least 60 points in the groups of specialties “Education”, “Agricultural sciences” and “Veterinary science”).
  • Ultimate scores for admission to the university graduates of educational organizations that implement educational programs of technical and professional, post-secondary education, enrolled in similar specialties for shortened educational programs with accelerated training period, passed CT scores, which scored at least 35 points according to the test results, including Less than 5 points in the general discipline and at least 13 points in the profiling discipline, with the exception of those entering the specialty, requiring the surrender of creative exams.
  • Applications for the competition for awarding an educational grant are accepted from July 23 to July 31.
  • The list of holders of educational grants is published after August 10 in the mass media (“Egemen Kazakhstan”, “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda”), as well as on the site of the National Testing Center
  1. Repeated complex testing
  • Entrants who did not pass the exams UNT or CT before are involved in repeated complex testing.
  • Repeated complex testing period of time:
  • Acceptance of applications from 1 to 8 August;
  • Testing from 19 to 24 August.
  • Those who do not have ultimate marks on a repeated CT can pass the test again at the end of the first academic period.
  • Period of time of repeated CT:
  • Acceptance of applications from 5 to 12 January;
  • Testing from 20 to 24 January.


  • To pass the test, you must go to the basic institution on the day indicated in the permit, you should have:
  • permit to the CT;
  • identity document;
  • pen of black or blue colors;
  • During CT it is not allowed:
  • to speak;
  • to leave the place;
  • to change the place;
  • exchange any materials;
  • enter into the classroom and use cheat sheets, textbooks and methodological literature, calculator, camera, mobile communications (pager, cell phones, tablets, iPad, iPod, iPhone, SmartPhone), laptops , Players, modems (mobile routers);
  • use any kind of radio-electronic communication (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dect, 3G, 4G, wired and wireless headphones, etc.) Examination materials (answer sheets and books) by their crushing, using corrective fluid, tearing off pages, painting of sectors not provided for this (answer sheet number);

Use of the specified materials and means is forbidden both in an audience and in all base high school during the testing period.

A warning!!!

  • In the event that the tested subject discovers prohibited items and if the behavior rules in the audience are not observed, the entrant is removed from the class with the drawing up of the act and the test results are canceled.
  • If the examiners refuse to take exam materials after the testing time has elapsed, the test results are not processed with the drawing up of the certificate.
  • If a fake man is identified during the launch for testing, the person and the graduate, instead of whom there was an attempt at an illegal entry, are not allowed to be tested for the act. If a fake is found during testing, the front figure is removed and the test results are canceled.
  • During CT it is necessary:
  • After distribution of books, check the presence of all pages in the book and the absence of typographical rejection. In case of detection of these defects, notify the duty officer or the representative of the Ministry;
  • Be careful! At the beginning of the test, they provide the necessary information and rules for working with exam materials;
  • Observe the rules of conduct on testing! If you want to ask a question to the organizer of CT in the classroom, raise your hand; do not shout out of the place. Keeping of silence and order in the audience will contribute to a better understanding of the content of the examination materials;
  • Concentrate! After filling in the service fields of the form, when you have found out for yourself all the incomprehensible moments, try to concentrate and forget about others. There should be only the text of the tasks and the hours for you that govern the time of the test;
  • Do not be scared! A rigid time frame should not affect the quality of your answers! Before writing the answer, make sure that you understand correctly what is required of you;
  • Read assignments to the end! Haste should not lead to the fact that you try to understand the terms of the task “by first words” and finish the ending in your own imagination;
  • Check! Be sure to leave time to test your work, at least in order to have time to quickly look through the answers and notice obvious errors.
  • Remember! If you do not agree with the test results, you have the right to apply for an appeal on a specific assignment.

The CT results on the day of the examination will be available on the NTC website Their publication on the site will be made only after the end of the processing of examination papers at the University of testing and hanging out examination sheets for the general review. For access to them it will be necessary to enter ICT and IIN entrant.