occupies a leading position in the National ranking

among the universities of Kazakhstan in the field of:

5B010800 “Physical culture and sport” and 5B090200 “Tourism”

State license No. 0137383 from 03.02.2010 y.

DEAR Applicants!

If  You want to get a quality education and to achieve professional success in the field of physical culture and sports, tourism, restaurant business and hotel business, enter in the best University of  Kazakhstan – KAZAKH ACADEMY of  SPORT AND TOURISM! The main forge coaching staff.


Kazast provides continuous education: College-bachelor-master-PhD. We have highly qualified faculty, experienced teachers-coaches, well-known researchers in the field of sport and tourism. At the Academy are scientific research institutes of sport and tourism. Academy 49 signed international cooperation agreements with partner Universities from 28 countries.


Our gyms, halls for Boxing and wrestling, gymnastics, weightlifting and fitness, swimming pool, soccer field, climbing wall, hotel, ski resort in Talgar district, water sports base in Kapchagay has widely opened its doors to future students of the Academy.


The history of the Kazakh Academy of sport and tourism


The history of the Kazakh Academy of sport and tourism begins on November 14, 1944, when the Council of people’s Commissars of the USSR adopted a Resolution on opening in Alma-Ata  Kazakh State Institute of physical culture. From the moment of  Foundation and till present time  KazIPhC – Kazast is the main head of educational-scientific and sports center in the sphere of physical culture and sport in Kazakhstan and one of the leading sports universities in the CIS. For the years of its activity the Institute and then the Academy has trained more than 19,000 professionals of physical culture, sports and tourism. Our graduates can be found in different countries of near and far abroad. Many professionals trained in Kazast

(CAIFC), became outstanding athletes, coaches, academics, leaders of sports movement.

In the formation and development of the University the great merit of the leaders, who did much to improve the educational process, training, enhancement of academic and athletic traditions. Each of them can write a book. We modestly and adequately list their names:

  1. Bekbaev Shamil Shakirovich— master of sports, rector from 1945 to 1950
  2. Seraliev Merty Seralievich, rector from 1950 to 1951
  3. Mukhamedzhanov Hamza Muhamedzhanovich — Assoc.N., associate Professor, rector from 1951 to 1971
  4. Akhmetov Kanapiya Gabdulinovich — PhD.N., associate Professor, rector from 1971 to 1978
  5. Asenov Yerkin Shalabasovich — Assoc.N., associate Professor, rector from 1978 to 1982
  6. Uteshev Askar Bilyalovich — MD, Professor, rector from 1982 to 1986
  7. Karazhanov, Bectuley Karganovic doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, rector from 1986 to 1998

 Started in 90- s political and socio-economic processes has opened a new stage in the history of the University. Become necessary new approaches to the organization of higher education and training, oriented on market relations. These terms were dictated by the RK Government resolution on the transformation in 1998 CAIFC in the Kazakh Academy of sport and tourism. In the same year the Academy opened new faculties and specialties:

— sports medicine


— sports management;

— sports Director;

 — international sports arbitration law and etc.

     The system of continuous education: College – bachelor – master – doctorate.

Today the Academy has all conditions for quality training and professional development of the teaching staff. Students are engaged in cozy classrooms, train in modern gyms.

The Academy has a Republican educational-methodical Association in the field of “Physical culture and sport” and “Tourism”. The Academy is the developer of the State program of development of physical culture and sports, state educational standards of higher professional education in specialties of the University.

Recognition of the contribution of  Kazast the development of the world of sports and sports science is an International scientific Congress “Modern Olympic sport and sport for all”, which is held under the patronage of the President of the country N.. Nazarbayev and International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge.

Looking back at the path, we can confidently say that Kazakh Academy of sport and tourism on its historical stage, played a decisive role in the introduction of physical culture and sports in the life of multinational Kazakhstan.

    Today the mission of the Academy is to keeping the tradition of the older generation, multiplying the accumulated positive experience,  gradually introduce international standards of education, to solve the problem of physical perfection of man, his spiritual and moral health, to show the importance of physical culture in modern society, to bring up worthy citizens of the Republic of  Kazakhstan. This is the key to development of the Kazakh Academy of sport and tourism.