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Entering the college KazAST.

At the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism

Kazakh College of Physical Culture, Tourism and Service

State license series AA-5 No. 0103408

Invites graduates of 11th grades to receive qualitative education in the following specialties:

-Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

-Faculty of Tourism

-Faculty “Organization of hotel services”

Conditions of admission to college:

By results of UNT

Form of training

The daily form of training;

In the state and Russian languages

Period of study:

– 2 years 6 months (“Tourism”, “Organization of services Hotel facilities “)

 – 2 years 10 months (“Physical Culture and Sport”)

Required documents:

  1. State certificate UNT;
  2. Document of education (original) + copy;
  3. Medical certificate on the form №086-U;
  4. 6 photos of 3х4;
  5. Identity card or birth certificate (passport) + copy;
  6. Characteristics from school;
  7. Address reference.

            The college has a modern educational, sports and scientific base, highly qualified teaching staff.

    For classes and practices the educational and hotel complex are provided for students in well-equipped gyms. In the process of teaching, students of the college pass the training and practice at industry enterprises.

    The college has a sufficient auditorium, a library, a reading room, computer classes with Internet.

   After completing their studies in the college, students can continue training the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism in a reduced form of training.

City of Almaty,

Abay Avenue 83/85

Tel / fax: 8 (727) 292-33-17