The chair of winter and complex technical sports has its history from the first days of the existence of the Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture.

During the entire period of the department’s existence, much attention was paid to the scientific and pedagogical growth of the teaching staff. Only during the period from 1970 to 1985 years successfully defended and received the degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences 7 teachers and one Ph.D. Nuts. In the following years, another 6 people defended their theses for a thesis (D. Tashkeev, V.А. Sorokin, E. B. Omarov, G. Kriksunova, E. L. Karavaeva, B. Tyutebaev). In 2009, she defended the degree of Doctor of Education E.L. Karavaeva, 14 teachers of other universities of Kazakhstan passed through the department as candidates for academic degrees and successfully defended themselves. In 2016 he defended PhD Ph.D. Avsievich VN.

Today the Chair of Winter and Complex Technical Sports is headed by Associate Professor Kazast G.А. Pluhuta, which is based on teachers – veterans of the skiing department (VI Akimov, Ph.D., Professor Kazast, PA Delver, Ph.D., Professor, SN Kilambaev, Professor Kazast, BA Sakaev, Professor Kazast, SS Kanapyanov, Ph.D., Associate Professor, NA Gutsel, Associate Professor of KazAS, VN Avsievich, PhD Doctor, C. Tishkov teacher, MSMK, ZTRK), which conduct a large educational and scientific work.


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 Г.А. Плахута

 Доцент КазАСТ

В.И. Акимов, к.п.н.

профессор КазАСТ

П.А. Дельвер

к.п.н., профессор;

Б.А. Сакаев

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С.Н. Киламбаев

профессор КазАСТ

С.С. Канапьянов

К.п.н., доцент

Н.А. Гуцель

доцент КазАСТ

В.Н. Авсиевич

доктор PhD

Olympic champion Vladimir Smirnov was a student of the Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture in 1981-1986.

For his sporting career, he took part in four Olympics and achieved outstanding results.

A significant event in the life of the Academy and the Department of Winter and Complex Technical Sports in 2012 was the opening of the Academy of Skiing Olympic champion V.M. Smirnova.

The department has great opportunities for training undergraduates. Among them were honors students, masters of sports of international class, world champion in arm-wrestling W. Bondick, freestylers D. Rybalova champion of the Universiade 2015, D. Reykherd champion of the Universiade 2013. and 2017, A. Raykova, the champion of the Universiade 2015, 2017. A. Malinovskaya, – the champion of the Universiade 2013 on shooting. The students of the department and undergraduates constantly take part in the republican competition for the best scientific work, where they achieve notable successes. So in recent years D. Rybalova, D. Reykherd, V. Lanchakova became holders of diplomas and cash prizes of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2013, Galisheva was recognized as the best athlete of the Academy year, and in 2017 she became the silver medalist of the World Freestyle Championships. In 2015, P. Kolmakov was recognized as the best athlete of the year of the Academy.

Teachers and undergraduates of the department published over 900 scientific works and more than 60 teaching aids, including six in the Kazakh language.

At the department of winter, difficult-technical sports sports and pedagogical skills has always been a priority in the work and therefore with great attention the department refers to the athletic achievements of students.

In 2017 students and undergraduates of the department successfully performed at the 28th World Winter Universiade in Almaty. Out of 36 medals, the 24th were won by students of KazAST.