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Department of “Theoretical foundations of physical culture and sports”

The current name of the department received in 2008 after the reorganization that occurred during the division and transformation of the department “Psychological, social and humanities disciplines” and “Theory and methods of physical culture and sports” to strengthen the block of theoretical and psychological and pedagogical disciplines. The head of the department was appointed doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor I.F. Andrushchishin.


Professorial and teaching staff of the Department of Theory of Physical Education of the 80s


Professorial and teaching staff of the Department of Management and

history of physical culture

The department started its pedagogical and research activities from the moment of the formation of the Kazakh State Institute of Physical Culture. Its history is inextricably linked with the life of the first sports University of our Republic. Over the past period, the names of the department changed, the number of subjects taught increased and decreased, there was a constant rotation and renewal of professorial and teaching staff, but its core remained practically unchanged – the subject “Theory and methods of physical education (now physical culture) and sports”.                                         The central place in the activity of the department is occupied by educational work, where the main focus is the development and improvement of the teaching methods of the main disciplines “Theories and methods of physical culture” and “Theories of sports”.

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