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About the activity of the chair of track and field athletics of KazAST
1. Issue of specializing: (full-time department)
1945-1997 = 1360 people
1998-2012 = 172 students
A total of 1532 graduates
2. For the whole 70-year history there were 67 teachers at the department. In 1970-80 the pedagogical staff of the department was 25-27 people. In 1998, 11 teachers, in 1999, 8 people, since 2000, 5 teachers.
In 2012-2013 academic year at the department there are: Untayev, Kh.K.- Ph.D. (Head of the Department), A. Demchenko. (53 years of experience at the department), Sokirko SN-associate professor (37 years of experience at the department), Razhanova KR-senior lecturer (10 years of experience at the department), Aldaeva GF-teacher (2 years) Year of experience at the department).
From 1945-1998, the department was managed by 10 people. Since 1998 the head, Ph.D. Kurmankulova KA, worked for 5 years. In 2003-2004 academic year the department was headed by O.Ch. ZMS Shishigina O.V. In the following years, the Department of Athletics repeatedly became involved with the Department of Winter and Complex Technical Sports (Head of the Department, Professor VI Akimov), as well as with the Department of Gymnastics and Swimming under the leadership of Golokhi IV, Nurmukhanbetova DK, Kudashova L.R. All this was due to the lack of a contingent of students and teachers. Since 2010-2011 academic year an independent department (Head of the department, Ph.D. Untayev HK)
3. Sports achievements of students and graduates of the department. Since 1956 (ХVI OI in Melburg) till 1992 (OI in Barcelona) 14 athletes of the department took part in the USSR national teams in track and field athletics.
Since 1996-2012, 17 students of the department have participated in the summer Olympiads. During the USSR athletes of the department won at the Olympic Games:
One gold medal – Savin V. (1988 OI in Seoul)
One silver medal – Kosanov G. (1960 OI in Rome)
Two bronze medals – Egorov G. (1988 in Seoul), Lesovaya T. (1980 in Moscow).
From 1996-2012 (5 Olympics) was invaded:
2 gold medals – Shishigina O. (OI 2000 in Sydney), Rypakova O. (OI 2012 in London).
In addition, so close to the medals of the 4th place in the Olympic Games (1960-2008):
1960 (Rome) Galina Share-high jump;
1988 (Seoul) Olga Turchak – high jump;
1996 (Atlant) Igor Potapovich-jumps in the sixth;
2008 (Beijing) Olga Rypakova-triple jump from the take-off;
At the World Summer Universiade 2001-2011 (6 Universiade) athletes of the department were awarded: 2 gold medals in the face – Rypakova O., Tereshkova O.-2007, 4 silver – G. Chernovol twice (2011), Rypakov D. (2003), Ustinov A. (2007), 2 bronze ones – Roslanov T. (2005), Ektov E. (2011).
A lot more medals were won by athletes of the department over the years for the World Cup (Continental Cup), World Championships in Athletics, Asian Games, Asian Championships, International Track and Field Athletics competitions.
All these results, no doubt, can be assessed as brilliant historical achievements of the highest level, in which the teachers of the department and its graduates made an indelible contribution. Among them are: Karunin VS, Suslova FP, Girzhon SS, Grzhibko VA, Kadyaykina ES, Zhirova Yu.M., Nikitenko LI, Nikitenko V .I., Zharkov VV, Voronchuk LG, Mukhamedzharov TK, Fedorov VI, Samonenko KI, Mihailuk AA, Demchenko AM, Skvortsova L.N. ., Sokirko SN, Radosnov VM, Sivokhin EA, Kurmankulova KA, Ukenov K.Sh., Charyev RM, Kulibaba S.
Doctors of Sciences were: Ivanov GD, Suslov FP, Nemtsov OB, Makogonov AN, Shcherbina NN.
Professors: Mukhamedzharov TK, Fedorov VI, Kolomeitseva VI, Mayorov VA, Ukenov K.Sh., Fedosov I.Yu., Nesterenko GL, Selivanova N.N. and others.
Associate professors: Karunina VS, Grzhibko VA, Simonenko VI, Demchenko AM, Sokirko SN, Skvortsova LN
The first Olympian of Kazakhstan as a member of the USSR national teams-graduate of the athletics department of 1951 – Kadyaykin Evgeniy Semenovich, run 3000 meters with a preemptory (OI 1956 Melbourne, Australia).
Honored trainers of the Soviet Union graduates of the department: Denisovo AV, Krause VI, Kulichenko VG, Nikitenko VI, Nikitenko LI, Ivanov AI
For the last 15 years, the department has been working fruitfully in a small number of staff, carrying out a large amount of work both in the disciplines of track and field athletics for 1-2 courses of all faculties of full-time and correspondence courses, and in the disciplines “specialization” at the 4-year courses of the Academy teachers of the department. The absence of an arena for the queen of sports, but not disappointed hopes and expectations, that the modern track and field athletics arena will be constructed for the athletics of the Academy in the near future are conscientiously working in insufficient basic conditions.