Chair of Kazakh, Russian and Foreign Languages

The department of Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages of KazAst exists from the day of the establishment of the university. For the period of its existence the department has repeatedly been reorganized.

Currently, the department conducts training in Kazakh, Russian and English languages, as well as on the educational trajectory “Physical Culture and Sports Journalism.”

The department provides training in basic and elective disciplines of the specialty “Physical Culture and Sport”, “Tourism”, “Restaurant business and hotel business”.

Currently, the department is headed by the senior lecturer of English N. Khudaibergenova. For all these years the leaders and the staff of the department have made a significant contribution to the education of youth, to the development and further improvement of KazAST. The staff of the department is 15 people.

  1. Khudaibergenova Nurbibi Tulekeevna – senior teacher of the English language. He is the author of two textbooks and an electronic textbook for 2nd year students of the specialty “Tourism”. Textbook on professionally-oriented English language for the specialty “Physical Culture and Sports” (3rd year).
  2. Arynova Mariyam Tokhtiyarovna – Ph.D., associate professor, senior teacher of French, Kazakh languages.
  3. Dusupova Roza Adilbekovna -c.c., associate professor KazTEST, senior teacher of the Russian language.
  4. Adilbekova Raisa Anvarovna – senior teacher of English language, teaching experience since 1984. Zamdekan on educational work of the faculty of professional sports and martial arts.
  5. Gereeva Kanyshay Musanovna – teacher of English, work experience 42 years.
  6. Sarsenbayeva Aliya Orazovna – Master of Education, Senior Teacher of English.
  7. Dyusupova Zhanna Dostykovna – Master of Education, senior teacher of English language, teaching experience since 2011. Author of a textbook for students of the first year of the specialty “Tourism”.
  8. Калхабаева Фариза Айбекқызы – teacher of English.
  9. Abizhov Marcel Mukhitovich – teacher of English.
  10. Esenbaeva Gulzhanat Zholdybaiқzy – aғa oқytushy, oyytushyli ңbekl өtіlі 1994 zhildan. “Dene shynytyru zhne sport” mamandyyna arnalғan “Қазақ тілі” оқу құалыныә және “Кәсіби қазақ тілі” оқулығының the authors. Tourism мамандығына арналған “Кәсіби қазақ тілі”, “Мемлекеттік тілде іс-ғағазданн жрргізу” оқу құалының sponsored.
  11. Ақылбаева Толқын Жанатқызы – аға оқытушы, оқытушылың еңбек өтілімі 2000 жылдан. Olympiadalsқ sport faculty of Dean’s Orynbasary. “Мемлекеттік тілде іс ғағаздарын жүргізу” оқу құалының the authors.
  12. Aitalieva Nina Kozhakhmetovna – senior teacher of the Russian language. Pedagogical experience of work since 1969. He perfectly knows the educational methods, applying it in practice to students.
  13. Nurzhanova Bakhyt Kalmukhanovna – senior teacher of the Russian language. Pedagogical experience of work since 1973. With high erudition and professional skills. Much time is devoted to the education of students.
  14. Duisembieva Gaukhar Mektepovna is a teacher in the Russian language.
  15. Nurmoldaev Daryn Muratovich – a teacher in the Russian language.
  16. Abdilda Damir Myrzahmetovich – teacher of Russian language.